To preach the Gospel – The Gospel is the Good News of Salvation in and through Jesus Christ. We are not saved through our good works or because we are better than anyone else. We are saved because we have a God who is unlike any other. Come and find out what He is like.

To bring honor to Jesus, we are ministering with and alongside Taichung Baptist Church, one of the oldest and most established Mandarin congregations in Taichung. As we find ways to work together to bless the city and share the Gospel, we show that being a Christian gives us a new identity, greater than our nationality. Christ binds us together regardless of our language or culture.

To meet the needs of English speakers. It is our opinion that a translated service has some particular challenges for all participants. For example, when a sermon is translated, the preacher must either shorten the message or constantly interrupt the flow of the message to allow for the translation. In addition, the listener must constantly deal with the translation, either critiquing the translation (wondering why a particular phrase was translated one way or another) or feeling frustrated at not understanding half of what is said. For these and other reasons, we think it is best to listen to preaching uninterrupted, in one language.

For Mandarin Speakers and non native English speakers we provide a digital  translation of the sermon in both English and Mandarin.