What to Expect

We want your first time visiting TIF to be a welcoming and stress free experience.

Our Service

Our service begins at 4:30 p.m. You are welcome to come early and meet some of our people or just sit quietly in the worship center.

We start our services on time and they include congregational singing, scripture reading, prayer, preaching and a closing song and benediction. After the service, many of our members go to eat together. Everyone is welcome to join us.


Kids & Children

We have childcare and a Bible class for children through third grade during the entire service. Older Children 3rd – 5th grade attend the service with their parents and have Sunday school one week per month.

If you prefer, you’re welcome to keep your child with you during the service if they are able to participate with the other worshippers. If they become distracted, you might step outside or consider taking them to the children’s class where they can learn in an age appropriate environment.


A church is not a place but a people. TIF is a group of people who gather because Jesus has made them a part of His family. There isn’t anything particularly special about any one of our group, but we do especially care about every one of our group. We want to get to know you, but if you prefer to simply come and listen until you feel more comfortable, we welcome you.

Skeptics Welcome

TIF is a safe place for skeptics and those trying to figure things out. We welcome doubts, questions and objections. After the service if you have questions about any part of our service including the sermon, please feel free to approach one of the elders/pastors and ask.


Dress Comfortably

Please don’t feel any need to dress formally or out of your ordinary weekly pattern. Jesus wore the common clothing of his day so you should also feel free to wear what is comfortable for you while giving thought to others. Our worship center is not heated, so if it particularly cold, you might consider bringing a jacket.