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Questioning Christianity

2019 Questioning Christianity Series

Saturdays at 7:00 p.m., March 9 – April 27
(excluding April 6)

Taichung International Fellowship is a church that wants to listen to and engage with the questions and doubts of our friends. This spring, we will host a 7-week series led by New York Pastor Tim Keller in which we will dive into your questions about Christianity. Registration is required and is only for those exploring the Christian faith.

Weekly Topics (not in order and subject to change):
– Faith and Proof: All, even the most secular people, are living their lives on the basis of faith—beliefs they can’t prove. This means it is not just Christians who have the burden of proof for their beliefs. Everyone does.
– Meaning: Christianity gives you a meaning in life that suffering can’t take away.
– Satisfaction: Christianity gives you a satisfaction not based on circumstances.
– Identity: Christianity gives you an identity that is anti-fragile, not crushing, and doesn’t exclude others.
– Morality: Christianity gives you an explanation for the indelible conviction that there is moral obligation and absolutes.
– Justice: Christianity gives you a basis for doing justice that doesn’t turn you into an oppressor.
– Hope: Christianity gives you a hope that can face anything, a hope in the future and in the face of death.

You may choose to come for one session or every session. We do request your registration as seating is limited and we will provide drinks and refreshments for everyone who attends free of charge. Please use this link to register. CLICK HERE.

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