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Good for Each Other

Why a church? Why get together? Who should get together?

Everyone! All races, all socio-economic groups, all personalities, everyone!

We are good for each other. The Bible says that God gives gifts to his children for the building up of His body, the church. So we need each other to serve effectively and completely.

The Bible also says that as we draw close to each other, we are to confess our sins so we can be healed. In this process, we get to be like Jesus – accepted as we are in order to be taken where we should be. This is the work of Grace!

We need people in our lives who love us unconditionally and at the same time can criticize without crushing. This is Grace. This is the ministry of Jesus to us and through us in the lives of our fellow Christians.

Ultimately, this eclectic group of people who at first glance don’t seem to fit together display the glory of God and bring the presence of Christ into the world. Good for each other, Good for the world.

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